• Hearing Screening services are available to schools at a minimal cost and free screening at the Killarney practice
    • A Screening is a quick test to establish whether you have a hearing loss or not.
    • A Pass result suggests Normal Hearing
    • A Fail result suggests Hearing Loss or Pathology
  • Diagnostic Hearing Testing conducts those who fail the hearing screening or if you suspect a hearing loss or a problem with the ear. This intensive test will describe the nature, severity and configuration of the hearing loss and allow the audiologist to recommend a management solution.
  • Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting are usually recommended for persons with permanent hearing loss or those who choose not to have the surgical management of their ear pathology.
  • Supply of customized noise protection Individuals who are frequently exposed to extreme noise e.g. in industry, musicians can obtain custom-made ear protectors to effectively dampen noise.
  • Supply of Custom Swim plugs Children and adults who develop infections from exposure to water can have custom-made swim plugs to effectively seal the ear during swimming and bathing. 


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